A-1 Certified Environmental Services, LLC – What a Home Buyer Must Carefully Look For


Urban mold checks are critical in today’s mortgage sector. With so many homes being repossessed, the market today has many vacant homes. Vacant houses mean one thing, the landlord doesn’t adequately clean the house, which implies potential molding. Visit us on A-1 Certified Environmental Services, LLC.

We recently received a request from one of our customers to check a home for possible mold in Port St. Lucie, Fl. They purchased the as-is home with inspection rights. The house was less than 5 years old and we had no experience of water leakage. The realtor told us the homeowner refurbished the home less than two years ago because they didn’t like the original cabinets. When anyone claims the landlord replaces them with three-year – old appliances, that is a Warning Flag for household water problems. Red Flag First.

The home inspector had checked out the home, saying there were only a few minor home issues. The fireplace chimney broke roof tiles that needed to be fixed, but he said the roof was intact except for that location. The next trouble spot was the missing chimney roof tiles. 2nd Red Flag

Area’s weather history is important in this business , especially for my clients. This house has had 4 hurricanes since 2004. My experience with South Florida chimneys is that they are improperly installed and not properly braced to withstand hurricane-force winds. They tend to fail in high winds like a hurricane. This one was my third Red Flag.

The house’s interior looked pristine without visible problems. Tiled in the dining room and across the fireplace. The usual eye looked fantastic. New paint, perfect eye-friendly condition. If there is a flood in a home that lasts longer, the thin-set under the tiles continues to collapse, and hollow spots begin to form. Tapping on tiles revealed several hollow spots under tiles. Red Flag number four, this one is quite serious. Hollow spots were all around the fireplace and adjacent walls.

I recommended my client to do extensive microbial testing in this chimney area. Microbial Indoor wall testing within 10 feet of the fireplace revealed high Chaetomium mold levels. Chaetomium requires high moisture levels to grow, so it was part of an undisclosed flood area. You know, my company quit the contract, avoiding thousands of dollars in undisclosed microbial contamination remediation costs.

In conclusion, the story’s morale isn’t believing everything you’re told about a house, particularly one that’s empty. Some homeowners can say the facts, and many won’t tell you the facts. An Environmental Microbial Inspection is important tool for finding all hidden issues in a home. In most cases, a home inspection is adequate, but not always as you saw from home. Adequate Environmental Microbial Testing is required to make the correct choice. Often get your home checked by a professional company to do Environmental Mold Testing, particularly when it is vacant.