Types of Commercial Roofing


Small and large businesses will often seek a company that will not interfere with their regular business to provide them with commercial roofing services. Some roofing firms will just provide special services for commercial property. Leaving parking lots free of debris and keeping entry ways free of obstructions to keep your business going smoothly.

For your commercial building there are several types of roofing to choose from. Of course, selection can depend on costs, the slope of your roof and the weather conditions in your area.Kindly view publisher site.

  1. Shingles Asphalt

These are the most frequent type of shingles used today on home and commercial buildings. Such shingles will last from 20 to 30 years, being covered with recycled content, wood fibers or fiberglass. Also made of asphalt, laminated shingles come in a variety of colors and textures that give this shingle the appearance of more expensive shake or slate tiles. These shingles which are more popular can last between 25 and 50 years.

  1. Steel Add

Steel, Aluminum, Standing Seam, Metal Tie, and Copper are just a few of the roofing materials used as commercial roofing today. Metal roofing can last between 30 to 50 years if properly installed, which is just as much the more expensive asphalt shingles. Metal roofing isn’t as expensive as tile or slate roofing. Aluminum roofing was known to fade, oxidize and peel in the past but many manufacturers found the solution to this problem. This type of roofing can withstand the most extreme weather but when hit with hail, dent was known. Now we are offering a new granulated coating to prevent this result. Although more expensive than aluminium, copper is another option. You should anticipate it to last for 100 years with a copper roof.

  1. Lumber shakes

Most roof shakes are made of cedar treated with pine, spruce, or more commonly. Hand split shakes off that raw and thick look many are looking for. Actually most wood shingles are cut using a machine. This gives it a smooth finish which makes the installation easier. Cedar is the first option for wood shakes, promising a life of up to 30 years. They appear brown or red in color when shakes are first installed but expect the weather to fade the real wood and leave it a soft grey. Installation for wooden shingles can be up to 50 per cent higher than other roofing types.

  1. Sleigh Shingles

Slate shingles are increasingly heavy and difficult to install. They can add beauty to any home although they are easily breakable. This roof can last from 45 to 70 years and, if properly installed, some claim it will last more than 100 years. These colorful and rich shingles will add to your structure a high price, costing up to 400 per cent more than other materials.

  1. Surface Add

Tile is often made of clay but can be made of concrete or even rubber as well. Tile roofing is available today in a wide variety of colors and styles. Clay is more costly than concrete tiles but the tiles have the same simple value, longevity and look. That form of tile is always very heavy for more than 50 years, so your roof can require extra protection.